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Find in our toolbox over a dozen tools to help you learn and improve your Hebrew and stay connected to Israel. These useful and professional tools have been written by top Israeli Hebrew teachers especially for you. Free for all to learn and enjoy.

English-Hebrew-English Dictionary

This English-Hebrew-English dictionary, by eTeacherHebrew.com, contains words and phrase translations with English transliteration. 


Free Modern Hebrew Webinar

Join our weekly Modern Hebrew webinar – a live online discussion revolving around the most interesting Israeli affairs, led by a certified Hebrew instructor from Israel. Have a question? Join the webinar and ask our instructors for answers!  


Download your FREE eHaggadah!

eTeacherHebrew is proud to present our eHaggadah – our Passover GIFT to you! The Haggadah provides the full text with translation, transliteration and explanation of seder customs and practices. Celebrate Passover with a full understanding of the Exodus story and commentaries with the ability to pronounce every single word!  


English-Hebrew-English Conversational Guide

This English-Hebrew-English Conversational Guide, by eTeacherHebrew.com, contains words and phrase translations with English transliteration. The guide includes useful and practical every-day words in topics such as numbers, directions, days of the week, etc, as well as sentences from situations such as at the bank, at the hotel, at a restaurants, etc. The guide is perfect for anyone traveling to Israel or communicating with Hebrew speakers.
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eTeacherHebrew Videos

Our new channel on YouTube presents provides a glimpse into the Modern Hebrew and Israeli world. Here you will find new Hebrew lessons for you to learn from and every week. You can even subscribe to our channel and get updated whenever a new video gets published.
Learn Hebrew Videos


eTeacher Learn Hebrew Mobile App

Learn Modern Hebrew anywhere, anytime via this great series of eTeacher Mobile Apps!
eHebrew- Learn Hebrew through a series of trivia games and exercises!
Short hebrew lessons- Enjoy classes on-the-go with this series of 20 FREE Hebrew lessons.
Dictionary App- Never be lost for a word again! Learn Hebrew quickly and easily with our Hebrew-English Dictionary App!

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Weekly Torah Portion

Learn about the meaning of the Weekly Portion, traditionally read during prayer services on the Sabbath and discussed during the week. Find out why we read each weekly portion, how often and what their origin is.

Biblical Hebrew Weekly Torah portions


Names in Hebrew Guide

This names in Hebrew guide includes a selection of 3000 common Hebrew names. The guide also provides a light background on each name and is constantly updated with new names.
The content to this guide is provided by one of the leading Hebrew teachers, Ouzi Rotem.

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Learn Hebrew words while browsing the Internet!

Learning Hebrew with eTeacher just got even easier!
We've been having fun with our friends at Lingua.ly developing an amazing extension to help you learn Hebrew!
The extension is a smart dictionary which helps you collect words from the web and learn them through a series of fun exercises (and more!).
Simply click here to add the FREE extension (Google Chrome only). Boost your vocabulary in one easy click!.

Hebrew Blog

Learn Hebrew Blog is your opportunity to expand your knowledge of the Hebrew language and get to know the Israeli culture. Read all about the latest archeology discoveries and about different aspects of Israeli society. Each post ends with a short vocabulary lesson providing a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge of the Israeli culture and the Hebrew language.

eTeacherHebrew on Facebook

The Hebrew Online page on Facebook invites you to enjoy a world of Modern Hebrew and Israeli culture. Join us and learn a new Modern Hebrew word every day, read fascinating articles about Israel and the Hebrew language and get connected with your fellow Hebrew students on Facebook.
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Jewish Greetings

The best way to greet your loved ones during the Jewish Holidays or for any other special occasion.
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Hebrew Names

Find out the meaning of your Jewish name. Search through a list of Jewish names for girls and boys and learn about their source, meaning and historical background.
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Hebrew Word of the Day

Sign up for the Word of the Day and start receiving our daily Hebrew word directly to your e-mail. Now you can study Hebrew even on your spare time and it's for free.
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Hebrew Question of the Week

Have a question about Hebrew that you just can’t find an answer to? Designed by Israel’s finest teachers, this collection of short videos - also known as The Question of the Week - features insightful Hebrew tutorials, comprehensive discussions, vivid examples, and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Modern Hebrew language. So what are you waiting for?
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