Student Testimonials

Over the past three years, since eTeacher opened its virtual doors, thousands of students from countries all across the globe have benefited from the unique educational approach offered by Hebrew instruction over the Internet. With our ongoing commitment to the satisfaction of each and every student, we see our students as our greatest promotional tool. Below you can find just a few of the many expressions of positive feedback that our programs have received.


We have also gathered a collection of personal stories, as told by eTeacher teachers and students.

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  •   I am so excited that each week I get closer to reaching my goal of speaking fluent Hebrew. My teacher’s patience amazes me, and her sincere desire to teach helps me and the others in my class to stay encouraged even during times when we are frustrated or confused. One thing that has been especially helpful for me is that the classroom sessions are recorded, and I can listen to them as often as I like, to practice and learn. 
    Meredith Shore, Radcliff, Kentucky, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Nira Sinansky
  •   I am very pleased with the teachers I have met at E-teacher. The good reputation of a teaching institution is thanks to its teachers. That is the case with E-teacher. I really recommend it. Plus, it is very convenient for people who are very busy like me. You don’t even have to leave your house. You get your material at home. It’s as simple as turning on your computer and logging in to their teaching system. 
    Ariel Mercado, Madrid, Spain, - Niva Ben Yaakov
  •   It is an exciting experience and so good to interact with students from all over the world. I think that learning Hebrew in this way is GREAT and I enjoy working with all of the other students. We learn from one another and it is great fun. Soon I will be going to Israel to visit and I hope to be able to practise what I have learned. Thank You eTeacher! 
    Carrie Hollands, England, Hebrew for Adults 3 - Dalia Vagner, M.A.
  •   Working with a teacher is always far more efficient than working on your own; thanks to the course, I quickly made progress, listening and speaking included. I'll keep learning with eTeacher, during my lessons of course, but also during the weekly webinars. It has been all about happiness since suscribe to the website, and I feel - I know - that this is only the beginning! 
    Caroline Paquay, Belgium, Hebrew for Adults 2 - Eji Rosenboim-Shon
  •   I started taking my Eteacher course in January of this year. In the last five months, we have learned so much and it is all thanks to Carole. We have a class of 4-5 students each week, and Carole makes sure that everyone gets time to speak, ask questions, and learn. The group has become friends as we talk each week and learn new Hebrew terms. 
    Beth Hymowitz, Clifton, NJ, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Carole Nakache
  •   Our Teacher is very friendly and patient with me because i am little slow in learning new languages and i ask too many questions but she reply calm and positively. Thanks to our teacher, I learn lots of new words in my first lesson and very confident that i will quickly learn. 
    Kaleem, Magusa, Famagusta, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW
  •   This has been a very good class, a very good learning experience and if I have the opportunity to visit Israel , my wife and I would like to meet Adina (Our Hebrew teacher). Lehitra'ot 
    Minekime Lloyd, USA, New York, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Adina Mor-Haim
  • Diana Krull
      Very good, I am perfectly content. I learned quite a lot. Very good that we could talk and listen to Hebrew a lot. Our teacher explains difficult grammatical problems very well. I'm beginning to speak Hebrew a bit. I'd like to continue soon! 
    Diana Krull, Stockolm, Sweden, Hebrew for Adults 2 - Eji Rosenboim-Shon
  • Hillidge Gillian
      Very good - Malka explains grammar well - I am understanding slowly. Getting difficult but excellent instruction and fun - שלום 
    Hillidge Gillian, Victoria, Canada, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Malka Shlomovich
  • Birkenes Mette Ruud
      This is exciting. Toda raba! I'm very satisfied with teacher Rivka.  
    Birkenes Mette Ruud, Askim, Norway, Hebrew for Adults 1
  • Van der Span Mirjam
      Very good! Orna is great teacher. Toda rabah Orna!  
    Van der Span Mirjam, Leusden, Netherlands, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Orna Azani
  • El-Aref Nisreen
      Thank you we learn the language in the proper way 
    El-Aref Nisreen, Jerusalem, Israel, Hebrew for Adults 2 - Dalia Shemer
  • Salomonowitz Elvira
      Very good lesson. I am happy with Malka as a teacher. Thank you!  
    Salomonowitz Elvira, Vienna, Austria, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Malka Bar-Tal
  • Cohen Simon
      Exellent lesson, good speed. Thanks.  
    Cohen Simon, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Hebrew for Adults 2 - Judith Whitham
  •   I have been trying to learn Hebrew for many years and tried so many different ways and nothing like eteacher Hebrew to help me with my needs of studying at my speed, from the comfort of my own home. I strongly recommend them. 
    Flor Sheftel, Hemet, CA, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Eji Rosenboim-Shon
  •   I started at Level B with Shoshi Yarden. We loved her. I said “we” because some of us asked to repeat with her in Level B+. She was great. Her classes were fun and interesting. She was quite demanding, as well. I think we learned a lot. I was always looking forward to having our classes on Sundays. 
    Ariel Mercado, Madrid, Spain, Hebrew for Adults 2 - Shoshi Yarden
  • Retamal Adail
      Michal is such a nice teacher that I could spend a whole week studying and effectively learning with her! :) It's a pleasure and an honor to have her as my Hebrew guru! ;)  
    Retamal Adail, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hebrew for Adults 1 - Michal Wilder
  •   I really enjoy learning with eteacher. Learning online from my home is very convenient, and the teacher is very professional and attentive. 
    Jamie H., Canada,
  •   Our teacher Niva is like a nice mother to us. You can tell she has a lot of experience and that she enjoys teaching. She encourages us to speak and she does interesting activities where she makes us repeat what another student said so that we can practice other tenses or using indirect speech. She likes laughing and she is very sweet. 
    Ariel Mercado, Madrid, Spain, Hebrew for Adults 3 - Niva Ben Yaakov
  • El-Aref Nisreen
      Thank you we learn the language in the proper way Dalia is really very good & helpful, I enjoy my weekly classes, Todah. 
    El-Aref Nisreen, Jerusalem, Israel, Hebrew for Adults 2 - Dalia Shemer