Aharon Rozen's Bestsellers

Thousand Hebrew Words: For English speaking people: speaking, reading, writing

1973 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel1973 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel

Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this was a landmark text in Hebrew education for immigrants and became a best seller. The book is widely regarded as the principal text in language tuition for immigrants and other foreign students.





Thousand Hebrew Words and Two Thousand More - Hebrew for Everyday Life

1982 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel1982 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel

The sequel to One Thousand Words, this text expands students' vocabulary and understanding of the use of Hebrew in everyday situations. It was revolutionary in its non-grammar-based approach to language tuition, which proved particularly successful for adult students.




Other influential works

Lashon Israel (Language of Israel)

Leshon Israel - Aharon Rosen

1971 - Jewish Agency, Jerusalem

Rosen wrote this text for the Department of Religious Education and Culture in the Diaspora Countries, a part of the World Zionist Organization. His introduction emphasizes the importance of the Hebrew language to the Jewish people.





The Foundations of Hebrew Language Tuition

Avnei Yesod1963 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel

A grammar workbook for adults and youths, this text uses Rosen's step-by-step method, clearly outlining and illustrating Modern Hebrew language rules. In his introduction, Rosen addresses the long-standing language tuition debate: whether to teach grammar before speech, or vice vers





A Guide to Language Instruction

1954 - HaMaarav Publishing, Jerusalem

Commissioned by the Ministry for Education and Culture, this text was written for the Pedagogical Committee for the Campaign for the Conferral of Language to the Nation. It was the principle Hebrew tuition text for new immigrants.


Beginners Hebrew; A series of twelve lessons in conversational Hebrew

with Yehezkel Cohen - 1962 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel


Hebrew self-taught: A complete course in 4 cassettes for beginners in conversational Hebrew, 50 lessons, 500 basic words

1976 - Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd., Israel


Hebrew self-taught: 50 lessons in basic Hebrew prepared by Brit Ivrit Olamit

1969 - World Hebrew Union