Tami Weyl

Modern Hebrew academic director
Tami Weyl- Modern Hebrew academic director

A Few Words About Me

Tami Weyl is a senior lecturer at the School for Hebrew Studies for Foreign Students at the Hebrew University. Ms. Weyl has been serving as the director of the institution’s pre-academic program for new immigrants at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In past years she has also served in positions involving administration, program development and counseling. She has experience in linguistic counseling to the Ministry of Education in France and is a member of a research team at the School of Education in Israel. Together with other colleagues, Ms.Weyl has published several books and academic articles on various topics concerning the Hebrew language.


B.A. – Hebrew Language and Sociology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Education Certificate in Hebrew Language and Literature.
Endower of the Hebrew Language on behalf of the Committee for Language Endowment.

Professional Experience

1970 - 2007
Senior Teacher in the foreign students department, Hebrew University.
Since 1970 – Teaching Hebrew, writing materials for lessons and exams, advising and managing as a part of the Hebrew department:
Since 1971 – coordinator of grades 3-6 Ulpan studies
Since 1979 – Member of the education committee of the Hebrew department
1982-1988 – Assistant to the head of the Hebrew department
Since 1990 – Development of multimedia applications for teaching Hebrew
Since 2000 – Academic Director of the preparatory program for immigrants (Olim)
1985 - 1989
Course leader at the School for Education, specializing in reading comprehension problems
1982 - 1986
Part of study and research team exploring difficulties in reading comprehension in grades 4-8
1981 - 1983
Hebrew course advisor, The Open University
1978 - 1982
Tutor at the School for Education
1977 - 1978
Hebrew and Literature teacher at David Yallin College,
Language advisor for Hebrew television program on the educational network in Israel
1973 - 1974
Hebrew Teacher, Sorbonne University, Paris. Language advisor for the Hebrew BA correspondence program, Centre Nationale de tele enseignement, Paris.

Publications and Prizes

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2. T. Weill, L. Piorko, H. Ferstei. "Hebrew – Expression and Comprehension", Academon Press, 1984.
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4. "Writing Hebrew", a booklet designed to encourage expressive writing in Hebrew, Academon Press, 1992.
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7. T Weill, N. Sivan. Educational internet applications at http://overseas.huji.ac.il/Hebrew.php, 2003-2007.