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Enjoy a taste of Biblical Hebrew by watching this set of FREE Biblical Hebrew lessons! If it’s made you hungry for more, then join one of our online Biblical Hebrew courses, taught by the very best teachers Israel has to offer.

The first lesson will introduce viewers to the Hebrew alphabet, to include its first two letters: the א (alef) and ב (bet). Those who tune in will learn that the alef-bet goes way back. In fact, it has the same origins as its Latin counterpart. What’s more, we will discuss how the language evolved development and show how it all started from a drawing of a picture that represented a word, which subsequently evolved into all Latin scripts.
From here we learn our first 8 letters:  ל/מ/נ/ר, and also the gutturals א/ה/ח/ר.  
Sigal Zohar - Biblical Hebrew teacher

Sigal Zohar, M.A.

A Hebrew language, Literature and Creative Writing teacher with 19 years of experience in these fields, Sigal has a master's degree in literature from Haifa University. Sigal holds a teacher's certificate for teaching Hebrew from the Ministry of...

A sample from the lesson


Learning Hebrew

I consider myself a lifelong learner and I have always wanted to learn a new language. This course came up and I jumped at the chance because it is a very beautiful language. I home school my 8 year old, work full time and I am just a few months away from earning my associates degree in business, so I hope I am not taking on too much at one time. I really can't wait to get started.

Good luck Shari & Happy

Good luck Shari & Happy Purim!

Hebrew Language Lessons

I just started studying and truley appreciate your work. I pray that God blesses you and keeps you and makes His face shine upon you.


Thank you so much Lex!

Thank you so much Lex!

Baruch Hashem Adonai

Thank you so very much for sharing the Hebrew Biblical Language. You are indeed blessing so many Christians all over the world, and I here in the Philippines. I am waiting for some funding to be able to get online courses that I may continue to be fluent in its understanding.

God bless you abundantly with many eager and devoted students worldwide!
The Philippines

Free Lessons

Warm greetings dear sister Sigal Zohar.Thanks good free lessons of Hebrew Alefbet.I hope these lessons give me new way to teach other people.
your brother,
Pastor Maqsood

Hebrew First Lesson

I remember when I was in my teens, that something called our to me from the Hebrew letters, something I can explain. I'm 39 years old now, I just had my first Hebrew lesson in learnin the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. I know in my spirit, that is a divine calling for me to learn Hebrew. Amen!


Israel is a great country.Jews are a great community.I belong to Hindu community and always feel Jews to be my brother/sister.I communicate my good wishes to all my Jews friends.Visiting Jerusalem is one of my great desires.

thanks for the sample

Sigal thank you the sample in the study of hebrew.i just hope that GOD can help me understand the hebrew.and thank you so much GOD BLESS YOU.

Our dream world

I am proud of Israel. May God always pour blessings to this country.Pray

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