How We Teach a Language

eTeacher's lessons are conducted via live, online video by a certified native instructor. Students use their personal computer to log into a virtual classroom and participate in a lesson. The bi-directional interaction provided all of the advantages of a real classroom, such as intimacy and effectiveness, while providing the flexibility and convenience of studying from your home or office.


eTeacher’s Language Teaching Method

eTeacher Teaching DiagramThe backbone of eTeacher's system is our virtual classrooms. A typical class has on instructor and six to eight students, each logging in from the comfort of their home of office. eTeacher's virtual classrooms employ advanced video conferencing technology over the web. Instructors deliver multimedia lessons which include video, images, text, and audio. The teacher controls and directs the rhythm of each lesson based on the progress and needs of the students. Every lesson includes assessments, drills, and comprehension checkpoints. After each lesson, students are required to complete pre-assigned homework exercises from the workbooks.


The Virtual Classroom

Lessons are conducted using state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. eTeacherHebrew Online Lesson Upon registration, students receive a username and password required to gain entry into class.

Lesson content is delivered by voice, video, and "shared whiteboard" technology. Live video enables students to see the teacher during the lesson, and the teacher can see any students with a web cam (optional). The teacher and students speak and interact in real-time using their PC headsets which include a microphone.


The multimedia course content includes PowerPoint presentations, video clips, audio segments, pictures, text, and more. Additionally, students and teachers can surf the web together to learn about a timely topic in real time.



eTeacher's communications infrastructure covers the entire globe and ensures a seamless study experience with every online lesson.


Additional Features

In addition to the weekly virtual lessons, students are provided with access to the following learning tools:

Weekly personal session: A personal online meeting with the teacher during which the student can ask questions or seek clarification about the course material.
Forum: a 24/7 Q&A forum for students to post inquiries and receive replies about course-related issues.
Checking homework: Homework is checked by staff members and returned to students via email of eTeacher's LMS (Learning Management System). In some cases, homework answers are also available for download.
Technical support: Technical support is available 24/7. If any technical issues arise, call us for free.