Frequently Asked Questions - 과정

Our Modern Hebrew courses are equivalent to Ulpan courses. At the end of the first beginner’s level course you will have learned the Hebrew alphabet and acquire 500 useful Hebrew words that you can use in a basic conversation.


You will also learn to read and write short and simple texts. As you advance through the levels, your reading, writing and speaking skills will improve significantly.


By the end of the final advanced level course you will be able to express yourself and understand fluent Hebrew, as well as read a Hebrew newspaper and surf Hebrew sites on the internet.

Yes. eTeacherHebrew offers a special Hebrew for Kids course suitable for students at the ages of 5-16 (classes are divided according to age), whose native language is not Hebrew and have either no prior knowledge or a little knowledge of the language.


The students should have experience in reading and writing in their native language and be interested in learning Hebrew. Click here for more information.

The best way to continue improving your language skills is to take advantage of our multi-level programs and continue to the next level.


In addition, eTeacherHebrew has a rich Hebrew Language Toolbox with over a dozen tools to help you learn and improve your Hebrew and stay connected to Israel. These tools include a monthly newsletter, blog, online seminars and much more.


These useful and professional tools have been written by top Israeli Hebrew teachers.

Also, check out our online store for a variety of supplemental products and our Self Study Courses designed for independent Hebrew studies. Get more info