Learn Hebrew, with Israeli spirit

A family tradition of Hebrew tuition

Yariv and Boaz Bin Nun are the grandsons of Aharon Rosen - bestselling author of Hebrew language textbooks and one of the founding fathers of Hebrew tuition for foreigners, who began teaching in the early days of the State of Israel.

A Hungarian immigrant, Rosen discovered a passion for helping other adult newcomers to Israel learn Hebrew. He rapidly gained the affection and gratitude of multitudes of students due to his understanding and warmth, to whom he transmitted his love of Israel. He gained a wealth of teaching experience and developed a multi-stage system ideal for adult learning. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned his bestselling Thousand Hebrew Words series of textbooks.


Technology and the rebirth of Modern Hebrew

In the late 1960s, Rosen used radio - the most modern technology at the time - to traverse the Iron Curtain and reach Russian Jews with Hebrew lessons. With the emergence of television, he began broadcasting a weekly lesson, coast-to-coast in the United States. Boaz and Yariv were the first to see the potential to use the internet to teach Hebrew, when it first emerged.
Yariv and Boaz were inspired and captivated by their grandfather's story, and by the deep admiration felt for him by so many.


A living dream, a living language

Technology initially hindered the brothers, just as it had their grandfather. Broadband had not yet reached Israel. The internet was too slow for interactive, real-time classes. Pure passion and optimism kept Yariv and Boaz's vision alive.
In 2000, the brothers launched eTeacher . The first few years were hard work. People were skeptical that anything could be learned via internet.


In 2002, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted the company the project of founding the world's first online Hebrew school. Employees' children could finally learn to read, write and speak Hebrew correctly, despite growing up abroad and moving from country to country.

This blossomed into eTeacher, whose enormous success proved online language study is more than possible - it's ideal for a wide range of students and suits differing lifestyles, schedules and backgrounds.


Boaz and Yariv expanded the platform for an array of languages. However, eTeacher Hebrew - the original - was developed with the nation's finest teachers from the Hebrew University's language department (today the Rothberg Institute), founded by their grandfather, Aharon Rosen. An excellent curriculum tailored for internet video conferencing was created, and the site became the first and most successful of its kind. For Boaz and Yariv, this is the continuation of their grandfather's dream. eTeacher Hebrew is the 21st century sequel to his bestselling Thousand Hebrew Words series, and the next link in the chain of preserving Israel's heritage through language, despite distance.