Self study Hebrew course for Intermediates

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The intermediate Hebrew course was designed for those who have basic Hebrew and wish to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills. Continuing on from the basic course, the intermediate course offers a greater and more in-depth understanding of Hebrew grammar, exercises to
improve writing skills and a rich vocabulary.
The intermediate course is made up of 15 units that include: a story summary unit including vocabulary and interaction between the characters, 10 more units with new vocabulary, exercises and tests, dedicated lessons on colors, numbers, fruit & vegetables and a special supplement Bible lesson: Adam and Eve’s Creation.

12 Months

Our experience has proven that the best way to learn a language is through a variety of challenging and interesting interactions. In this course students HEAR, TALK, PLAY, LEARN and EVALUATE themselves through hundreds of different interactive tasks:

Hear words and learn to pronounce them properly
Practice saying the words and sentences you learn
Play puzzles, memory games and quizzes throughout the lesson
Test yourself and get ongoing feedback on your progress, every step of the way, from your virtual teacher
Practice with fun homework assignments
Be able to read, write and pronounce accurately.
Learn easy ways to adopt the language rules, including the Hebrew distinction between male and female.
Learn how to proficiency and pronunciation
Know vocabulary of approximately 500 words.
Learn useful sentences for every-day encounters such as; shopping, travel, meetings, requests for information etc.