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Educational and informative 3 class seminars on a wide range of topics relating to the Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Middle East, the Jewish people, Zionism and the Bible. Learn from internationally acclaimed experts, educators and scholars.

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The Return to Zion

The creation of Israel is one of the true wonders of the world, some even say miraculous. This seminar will examine the marvel of the Jewish return to Zion.

Swords to Ploughshares

This seminar will examine the Arab-Israeli conflict. If you are interested in the future of Middle East, this seminar is for you.

God and the Holy Land

This seminar is essential for anybody seeking to understand the very essence of Israel and the meaning of the Promised Land. Discover both the dream and reality of a living Jewish democracy.

Qumran and the Bible

Since their discovery in 1947 the Dead Sea Scrolls have generated a constant supply of useful fact and irrelevant fantasy. A plethora of questions have been raised concerning their relationship to the Bible: Are there really 1000s of mistakes in the Bible revealed by the scrolls, can they shed new light on our understanding of the Bible, were any books found at Qumran that are ‘missing’ from our Bibles? Using English translations of the texts themselves, this seminar gets to the bottom of some of the mysteries surrounding the relationships between the scrolls and the Bible. The lecture is a must for all who seek a balanced introduction to the Qumran library together with an informed discussion on their relationship with the biblical texts.

Names in the Biblical Text

What's in a name? If you lived in ancient Israel, your answer to this question might be, "Everything." Why were names so important in biblical times? What kinds of personal and place names do we see in Israel and in the surrounding cultures, and what role do these names play in biblical writings? This seminar will explore how the Hebrew language, culture, and religion are reflected in names and in the giving of names. In addition to more general discussion, several specific biblical examples will be examined: the renaming of Jacob, the significance of the names used for God and Israel in prophetic literature, etc.

The Problem of Evil in the Biblical Text

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Humanity has grappled with the "problem of evil" since the beginning of recorded time. The Hebrew Bible does not offer one definitive resolution to the "trilemma": "How can suffering exist in a world governed by God, who is both all-Powerful and all-Good?" Instead, it records a variety of ways in which the ancient Israelites struggled with the question. In these seminar, we will explore some of the biblical texts that reflect this struggle: How is the origin of evil accounted for in the beginning of the book of Genesis? Why is the identical Hebrew verb used to describe both "trial" and "exaltation" in the account of Israel’s wandering in the desert? Does the goodness of God manifest through the punishment of sinners, or through forgiveness?

Historical Geography of Bible Lands

How can we understand the full importance of biblical events and why they took place if we don’t understand more about where they took place? This seminar will "set the scene" by introducing the geography of the land of Israel and exploring its significance for understanding Israel’s history. What were the main travel routes through the region of Israel, and how do these relate to the locations of major cities and historical battles? How did the topography and climate affect patterns of settlement in the land, and where exactly were the Israelites in relation to other people groups? We will make extensive use of visual tools like photographs and maps as we explore these general questions and examine specific examples in well-known biblical stories.